Things that have been on my mind are members of our community who might be vulnerable in other ways than this group caters for. 

I’m in chats with the council about how we support those in domestic violence situations so will let you know. 

However. In this instance, I’m thinking, perhaps some what selfishly, about people like me. The single parents. 

I’m SO lucky that I’ve got this keeping me busy (ridiculously 😂😂) and more importantly connected to others, but if I didn’t, I would be facing a pretty bleak 12 weeks. 

Single parenting is hard. I’m not about trying to make it a competition, but being locked in a house with 2 kids, one who doesn’t understand why we can’t go to the park or go to preschool or see Aunty Kathy over the road and no one to tag team with is next level hard. 

No breaks. No respite. No time alone. 

The same can be said of special needs parents too. My eldest is autistic. He’s high functioning and largely handling life pretty well but regardless there are still challenges. (I think he’s pretty much loving not having to go anywhere though. Introverts unite!)

But what about those with significant needs?

So this is what I’m going to ask you to do. Check on those friends. Book a Skype and wine chat with them. Don’t accept that they’re fine. Or do, but insist on having a chat. (I mean it’s a fine line, you have to hear no too!). 

Check in. Give space for emotion. Give love. Perhaps even ask to speak to the smaller ones so mum or dad can have 5 minutes. 

Help comes in many different forms. Space and connection is one of those.